Since 2006, Superior Financial Solutions has assisted other credit unions in the origination of secondary market-quality mortgage loans. Superior Financial Solutions operates as a partner behind the scenes to make your mortgage operation a success.

Superior Financial Solutions offers mortgage products that will help you increase your mortgage production, ranging from a correspondent lending to full-service mortgage lending, including everything from taking the application to closing the mortgage loan.

Located in Lima, Ohio, our experience staff supports credit unions throughout the country.


What We Offer

Superior Financial Solutions will manage your entire mortgage program or any part of it you designate. With our help you will be able to originate loans both in and outside your footprint whether you choose to own them or have us sell them on the secondary market. The robust mortgage program we develop together will be seen by your members as one more great service coming from your credit union.


Why Partner With SFS

CREDIT UNION FOCUSED: Superior Financial Solutions is credit union owned, so you can be sure that everything we do is focused on what’s best for you and your members.

SUPPORT: One of the most difficult and expensive things your credit union can do is to go out and begin a mortgage department from scratch. Besides the need to locate knowledgeable and experienced lenders, you will have even more overhead in back-office support and software. Let our professional staff support your credit union’s mortgage lending program and watch your business grow.

FLEXIBLE: We don’t impose our business model on your credit union—we design mortgage solutions to fit your needs. We will customize a program for you, allowing you to outsource any and all of the mortgage functions you choose.

ROBUST: We deliver more than just great rates, programs, and member service; our solutions are backed by experience, knowledge, and leading-edge technology—all with a credit union focus.

PROTECTED: You won’t lose your member to a bank, and we won’t solicit them for products and services your credit union offers.

STRONG: We’re well-capitalized and managed—providing our partners the assurance that we will survive market cycles and regulatory demands.



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